Low Free Test and Normal Total Test, where to go from here?


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I got my blood work results. My free test level came 152 pg/ml (15.25 ng/dL). Which is pretty low.

However my Total Test Level came out to be 24.20 nmol/L (697 ng/dL), so that seems like on the normal range.

First went to endocrinologist, she told me to go to Urologist for inflammation check up, apparently that could be the reason for my low Free Test levels.

Urologist told me “Free Test” didn’t matter, what matters apparently Total Test Level which my level was normal. Checked my balls, said I have “good balls”, asked questions about sex life, mood etc.. decided that I shouldn’t be worried.

Im pretty confused by all these, should I be worried about low free test levels, also, I haven’t used any aas yet, I got this blood work see my baseline levels.

I have some side effects of low test but nothing major; i'm feeling tired pretty much all day long, even if i don't do anything, motivation is low too. losing weight was a bitch this year. i dont have any problem with sex drive though. that was one thing doctor cared about, he was like you can't be able keep this much muscle with low test, and your sex drive is fine too you are good. i do get occasional ED but i always thought i get distracted by something not my low test levels.
What are your other labs, or did you only check free and total test? SHBG, LH, FSH, Cortisol , CMP, CBC, Lipid Panel, Homocysteine , IGF-1, PSA, DHEA, TSH, T3,T4, Estradiol. ???

All these numbers mean something. If you have not done this bloodwork, I suggest you do it. It will be easier to tell what is going on with you.
everything is in ref range, except my free test. forgot to get SHBG, also this whole thing cost me over 2000$, had to see 3 specialist and get blood work done. i feel like i couldn't get a straight answer, after all that money.

cortisol:380 nmol/ml
estradiol: 33.5 pg/ml
fsh: 2.9 mIU/mL
tsh: 5.170 uUI/mL (im already using medicine for that, i have been skipping recently thats why it came out like this)
t3:4 pmol/L
t4:21.9 pmol/L
LH: 7.3 mIU/mL
Free Testosterone does mean something. However, there are a number of reasons you could have a low free test and decent total testosterone.

TRT should be your last option at this point IMO. 697 total test is decent. Age, Weight, body composition? I do NOT see that info above. Work out regimen ??

You could consider going on Clomaphine to raise everything up and improve things. Your Thyroid medicine could be the reason for your free test being low.
I cant add anything except parrot the SHBG. It seem your testosterone is there in TT but low free T leads me to elevated SHBG or something.
privatemedlabs online to run lab if the docs wont test the SHBG you cam get it done yourself.

Definitely and please keep us updated. You actually give the. boards information if you share your experience and results. It helps the entire forum.
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