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Alright, im gonna be starting soon and
I wanted to know if you can train more frequently cause you recover faster? can you do 6 days on 1 day off? Or would that be overtaining it?
Also, should you concentrate on specific areas in different workouts or do it all each time?...
For example
for chest, 1 day you do chest, you do incline, wide chest, butterfly
and the next time you do flat bench, decline, machine press.
or should you just do all of them each chest day?
Let me know your opions and whats worked for you the best. Thanks
I wouldn't recommend training 6 days/week, although I'm sure many have done it and done fine. As for training, there really isn't a one way is the best way approach. Obviously, some routines are better than others, one I would recommend is the hypertrophy specific training. They have their own website where it is explained in depth.

hypertrophy specific website
Just because your on doesn't mean you can overtrain. But when I get on I always train legs twice a week because I do recover really fast and I try to work on my weal points.....

Just try different techiniques...

good luck
I had good results once with benching twice a week, but my volume was EXTREMELY low. 2-3 total work sets per workout.

I don't think this would have worked with squatting or deadlifting. Too taxing on the CNS.