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This will be my first time using Tren and I was wondering what would be a good initial dosage. I will be stacking the Tren with Test Cyp and I am not shure at what dose I should run either of them at. My previous cycles have been EQ @400mg/wk for 3 wks, (I was young and stupid) and Test Cyp @400mg/wk for 10wks. My stats are 6' 195lb with probably around 10-12% BF.


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how many weeks are you planning on running this cycle? if it's ten, the following is pretty standard

wk 1-10 500mg test cyp
wk 5-10 75mg eod tren ace

some say run tren all the way through but tren can be tough to handle for some, not to mention expense of running it ten weeks.


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Well for me Tren is cheap b/c one of my buddies makes it himself and gives it to me practically for free. I was thinking about running around a 12+wk cycle, I wanted to bulk and then the last few weeks I was planning on cutting off all the excess weight. I dont know if that is a good idea or not its just an idea.


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Not a pretty good idea bro!
Why would jo go on tren 12 weeks +??
And even though your bud is making it, make him get a labtest on the product.

Regular base for tren beginner cycle::
1-8 weeks - 0.5 ml. ed
Remember som milk thistle and EFA`s!


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With EQ I made some noticable gains in 3 wks I was on, and with test I also made some fairly good gains, I kept a little over 15lb's from a 10wk cycle at 400mg/wk.


150mg test prop and 75mg tren in the same shot eod would sound like a good idea to me..maybe 8-10 weeks

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i've got 5 weeks left on a 10 week total cycle of tren and mast. i'll probably go 12 weeks of tren next time around. this is my 3rd time on tren though.


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So for me, a first time Tren user, would Tren @75mg EOD be enough to get the full benefits of the Tren? If not couldn't I start out at 75mgEod and bump up the dose as needed?


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Tren ace 75 mg eod would be good for a first time tren user. Youll get the full benfits like strenght gains and insomnia, good luck.


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Ive ran Tren Ace for 10 weeks wit hno problems and blood work was normal too. Just watch out for the nasty sides of Tren. Night sweats were terrible for me, but well worth the outcome