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I've heard that steroids can stunt one's growth. However, I have also heard that non-aromatizing androgens such as Trenbolone can stimulate growth due to retention of calcium in bones. I am 20 years old and I believe that I've reached the peak of my height.


Are there any tests or physicians that can determine if my body has fully matured?

Can trenbolone 75 (acetate) stunt growth? If so, what are the chances?

Also I've heard that growth hormone can keep your plates from permanently fusing as long as you are taking it. If so, can the combined use of HGH + Trenbolone 75, prevent your growth from
get xrays done to see if your growth plates have fused...

all steroids can stunt your growth just depends if it happens to you or not doesn't happen to everyone...

if you are thinking about running a first cycle trenbolone is not a drug to be starting with, it's for experienced users who know how to deal with the side brutal side effects that it gives you and how to battle them...

but first off what are you stats,,, height, weight, training exp, body fat %.. ect ect
Yes forgot my stats sorry. I am 5'8", 167.00 lbs, body fat %6.2-7.0, I lift 3 times a week, and do muay thai training (mainly conditioning/cardio) 3 times a week. I've been lifting/training for 4 yrs. My body type is comprised of more slow twitch muscles, since I'm doing muay thai training more. My goal is to bulk, and cut, however I'd rather stick to the non-aromatizing steriods.
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bountyhunter said:
If so, can the combined use of HGH + Trenbolone 75, prevent your growth from stunting.

No, there is no evidence that this is possible and I would be extremely weary of experimenting on yourself with such things.