Trenbolone acetate


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Has wanyone used Trenbolone acetate with good results in low doseages. I planning on 40 - 50 mg eod.

I was planning to stack it with 500 mg sust and 400 mg Deca for 12 weeks.

Thanks for the help.
My first post here. Let me give a stab at this one. I have heard many stories of ppl using low dosages and getting good results. The norm if you are going home brew or pre made is 75mg. I would say go with that to get better results. Just out of curiosity, why are you going with 40-50mg instead of 75?
I was able to obtain a bottle of vet parabolan which is trenbolone acetate at 80mg/ml. So I figuring to use a 1/2 cc every other day or every three days.

I wanted to see first how my body would react to this cycle first before I do heavy doseages.

At 5'6" an 180 lbs I don't want to poison myself.
I would think 75mg eod is low enough that's only 37mg a day which is 262mg a week.

It should be taken everyday you lift based on its half life, just my thoughts. 100-200mgs would not kill you and who knows how much is actually not being wasted.