Trial and Error


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I hear so often people wondering why they have only seen such small gains from a cycle. The frequent response places the blame on a person's diet. I keep hearing, "Your not eating enough!" Sometimes the blame is placed on the person's workout routine. "Your not training hard enough!" Then there is the good old, "Your not sleeping enough!"

I have come to the realization that two people on the very same cycle, diet, sleeping patterns, and training routine can have very different responses. One person may gain 30lbs while the other only 5lbs. There is no blame to be placed! We often forget that we all respond differently, and genetics still plays the majority role!

It is through trial and error that I am learning what works best for me. It is through experience that I am learning what works for me may not be the answer for someone else.......... and vice versa.
Yes....everyone is different and genetics do play a role. GymChic has stated, in the majority of cases, the root cause of the problem can be traced back to diet and training.
The one thing to remember when gains are not coming along as well as hoped is -- doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results, doesn't work. Pick a variable, change it, and see what happens.