Using Anavar to lose fat.


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Hello guys , new member here and well , I've been doing alot of research on steroids in general , I'm 19 , I don't think I need any steroids in order to help me build muscle at this age , having a good diet and training schedule is enough.

The only thing I want to know out of curiosity is , would using Anavar for the sole purpose of losing fat be a good idea? Does it speed up the fat loss without losing muscle if so would it be ideal to use at my age? One thing I am worried about his hairloss , if you take them you have to deal with that but I've seen guys with a full head of hair , my dad is 65 and still has a full head of hair , would I be losing hair?



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Bad idea. You're too young. Var will suppress your natural test production. Less suppressive than other orals but still suppresive. ALL cycles need to include test. Diet and training will give you the results you're after. PLEASE DO NOT TAKE HORMONES. You're can build muscle with your diet and training. What your proposing is a lot of risk with no measurable reward.
Sorry bro. I know it's not what you wanted to hear but it is what you knew you would hear on this site.
Good luck

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Starting steroids at 19 is not a good idea at all for all the same reasons latestart mentioned and many more. No one can answer if you will lose your hair or not on a cycle of steroids. Lol one cycle is not likely to make some one go fully bald, but on my first cycle I did notice my hair thinning out a lot.

Focus on perfecting work out techniques, diet, building a natural muscular base, and living the bodybuilding lifestyle. I wouldn't reccomend taking steroids until at least 25.


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Some Great Advice in the above posts.

If you are looking to Lose Fat, while Maintaining Muscle Mass.

Then look into a Carb-Cycling Diet.

This will allow you to tailor your Carbs to your Daily Energy Expenditure.
So you go High Carb on a Heavy Day at the Gym
Low Carb on Days Off.
Medium Carb on Cardio or HIIT days................................. JP
You've got till you are 25 years old to take advantage of your Natural Test.
As it won't Peak till you reach 25.
My Advice is to take advantage of what you have, and Build your Base.

AAS aren't Fat Burners.
They increase Protein Synthesis !


Anavar is not a fat loss drug. It actually helps you build muscle.

Nor can males run anavar by itself. You would have to run it in combination with testosterone injections.


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Again your too young bro. Spend some time reading threads on these boards. You have a lot to learn and you could learn a ton right here. Use your search bar too. This site will teach you if you use it. Look at threads with topics that spike your interest and you would be surprised what you will learn. Right now your main focus should be getting on good workout routines, learning to eat right and getting plenty of rest. And with all that in line your natural test will take care of gains for you for now.


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steroids do not directly cause fat loss.. anavar does not directly cause fat loss...

fat loss is caused by proper nutrition and exercise