Week 7th of test e and eq no gains


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Hey guys ive been a member for years just not active on posts. Ive done tons of research and still need some help. I decided to start my first cycle on april 18th of 600mg test e/ 600 mg eq a week. This is considering the gear is dosed at 300mg / 1 ml as it says on the label of my gear ; isovet from mexico. Anyone used this gear before? Im worried my gear is under dosed or bunk. Ive seen no sides, no increase libido, no increase in appetite, no increase energy , no shrinkage. Ive gained some strength increase but nothing crazy. No weight gain and im starting to worry. I actually feel more lethargic and i can literally hibernate and sleep like a bear. I have clomid as pct in hand , considering my diet and training (5x week and each bodypart 2x week) are on point , should i start worrying about bunk gear? I know they are long esters but literally feel no different.
Checking if the gear is good and if its normal to see nothing till start of week 7. Plan to run this for 14 weeks hopefully if the gear is good. Was hoping to see something by now since i read most people feel test e by week 4/5/6. Thanks for replying
Really hoping so lol is the energy loss normal in the beginning ??? some days i literally feel like crap lifting some days lol
Yes first cycle. Not taking anything with it really beside orange triad multivitamins and oximega fish oils. Cycling at 600mg test e/ 600mg eq per week.
No not using an ai. I have clomid as pct in hand.

Stats: 27yrs old , 6"2 height, 212lb weight

A couple of friends ran same cycle without ai with good gains, am i doing something wrong?
NO AI? monkey see monkey do. get your head on right and get it together mate. just because your friends did it with no sides its ok for you too? are your friends experts in this field? you need to read the beginners thread http://www.steroidology.com/forum/a...ycling-beginners-guide-safe-androgen-use.html
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I did ask my supplier for aromasin, he also said i wouldn't need it. Not trying to act knowledgable but what step should i take now ? im in the middle of week 7 no sides no gyno or anything yet. Im still worried if this gear is going to be hitting me soon or not lol. Should i order aromasin and start taking it eod or how should i proceed. Sorry for the trouble guys, thanks for the help
Read the stickys bud have written one tailor made for first timers and if you wanna know if your gear is bunk get your bliss done also drop the eq