I just recently started training both sat and sunday, and having my days off during the week.

I find that if I train on the weekends, its easier for me to keep my diet honest and clean.
I have a werid split I train on all different days....I do get all my bodyparts in each week. I do 1 on 2 off 2 on 2 off.......Sometimes it will change depending on my schedule.
also i prefer training on weekends since their are no chaty kids in their talking in the middle of the dumbell rack when i'm trying too work out.
Yup. I train both days of the weekend. I much rather have my off days during the week as I work from 9-7 usually, hell, sometimer 9-9. It is quite a pain in the ass going from work to home (to eat and change) and then to the gym and then back home to bed. Doesnt leave me much time to do anything else so I take Tuesday's and Friday's off from training. No one said it was easy being beautiful. Sacrifices, sacrifices.
I was doing legs on Sunday afternoon all last fall, but at present my schedule is back to Mon-Fri.

I usually take the weekends off, but the gym is so freakin busy on Monday,I'm thinking about training on Sunday and taking Monday off. I hate waiting for equipment! But normally, I train Monday to Friday and i'm off on the weekends.;)
I work rotating shifts so I train when I can get in the gym. If I am off work on the weekends, I am usually in the gym, at least doing cardio.
Weekends OFF!

I train really early in the morning(most of the time) so I never have to worry about a crowded gym. THANK GOD!
If my day to train falls on a weekend day I'm there. I do 3 on 1 off. I will be training both Saturday and Sunday this week.