Western Union Advice


Banned, had no choice
ok, say theoretically;)
i sent a source $225, he decided not to pick it up, but i contacted another well known one, outside the USA and Canada, and he said he would have a friend pick it up in the US, i would just have to change locations. So i did, and for some reason, his friend had trouble picking it up 3 times, then all the sudden a week after location was changed, it was picked up at 9pm on a sunday. He told me he hasnt heard from his friend since, insinuating there was some sort of set-up. My question is, a week later he supposedly has not heard from his friend, and im wondering what are the likely hood, or the incidence, of WU setting up some sort of sting, although they have no idea what cash was for. Would it be feasible? I had a friend send it, and change locations, so no way could they trace prior money transactions by me. What do you think? His friend took it and ran? Or is he lying. Hes got a great rep. I dunno, i have lost over $800 in the last month thru 4 different sources, counting this one.:(
When using western union I have never had a problem. As far as them setting you up that will never happen over two hundred dollars. There should have been a pass word question and answer when you sent did you do that? Also you might be right by them conning you out of your money. I would try to get in contact with them and see whats up.
I always use Money Gram bro.......I don't think WU had anything to do w/ it. I think your boy is lying......
i had something like that happen to me. almost the same thing. but it was sent from the us to south america.