Western Union????

you can use a fake name when sending under $1,000.00 over that you need a fake ID.
Use a fake name and if you send over 1000 just split it up and send out 2 Western union transactions. no need for going throught the problem of a fake ID
If you use a fake name and you dont have a fake Id, you cant get you money back. I use my real name, anyone could send shit in my name! That dont mean its me!
you act like the paypal and/or WU says what the money is for. What if your buying something on EBAY? If you can't trust the person your sending money to or can't afford to loose the $$$...why bother even sending?
Ummmmm, were kinda not talking about ebay LOL.. you use WU so there is no trail back to you. with paypal there a big so called paper trail that leads right to your front door.
If you do it online obviously it wont be anon, go down to the local WU and use any old name.
wow dudes... PAYPAL? can you say busted? because thats exactly what youre asking for if you use paypal. anyone with minimal hacking experience can get your shit off paypal and find out everything about you.

hmm...well ive gone to 4 places to get western unions..
and the people behinde the counter couldnt seem to understand
basic U.S. geography.
i wouldn't use paypal what about sending blank monyorders?
U don't need to give any info out to get them.
thats how i do it or if U know and can trust you're source send cash....