What AAS are absolutly necessary for sick competition shape?


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Which ones really make a big difference in a physique?

Two i know ALL pro's use:
Halo for hardness?
GH for fat burning?

What else?
For a lower level compedator like myself who doesnt wanna blow money on GH, what kind of stack would get me in sick shape?
Lemme alter the question a little.

Do you need GH to be really lean and skin tight. Can GH condition be matched without GH?

What exactly makes a hardener a hardener? HOW does it make the muscle look or feel harder? Why is halo considered the best, which i know it is considered.

What other aspects would need to be taken care of for good contest shape besides hardness and leanness?
Winny is a must IMO. GH is not necessary for super ripped condition. I've never used it, but, it aids in retaining muscle, not stripping off fat, diet & cardio does that. Optimal stack in the last month or so before a show IMO is:

Winny, EQ, fina or Anavar (var), test susp or anadrol, GH, clen and T3.

I used halo a couple times the month before comp and while it helped, its no miracle drug. Being lean enough early enough along with Winstrol (winny) should get you hard enough.