What happens when your package is seized by Customs by Chesty


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Okay brotha's and sista's here is the skinny on what actually happens as I just went through it.

1. You will get an empty package or letter saying your shit has been confiscated. It will probably be a photo copy of the customs regulation violated

2. A short time later, you will receive a letter from customs telling you how to claim your property or it will be automatically forfeited in 30 days.

Now here is the clincher on this letter. They send a whole bunch of papers with different instructions on ways to handle your seized product.

Read carefully, it says right away, that if you fail to act the property will be automatically forfeited.

You can also sign a form to instruct them to consider your stuff forfeited.


They are trying to get you to admit that the items are yours. And they fool you by trying to get you to sign a form telling them you don't want the stuff and to go ahead start immediate foreiture of the items. This is a trick!

Then, a short time after this last letter you will get another one. It will probably be right after the 30 days has elapsed because of your NO RESPONSE to their first letter.

They are again asking you similar questions.


Their time line given for forfeiture has elapsed, and they are trying one last time to get you to say that the shit is yours so they can prosecute you!

Without your signature on any of the forms they send you they cannot prosecute you (unless of course they have been monitoring you and actually observe you take possession of an order) because they have no proof that the items are yours! However, by signing a form even one to say hey, I don't want the stuff keep it, signifies that it is your stuff.

This whole process will take several months, just throw away all of their mailings empty your house for a while and talk to no one, even on the board.

To recap:
Sign nothing,
Talk to no one,
Make house safe,
Do not order from overseas again

you are right, 'Saver' they insult you even more buy sending you the empty boxes trust me I know, I steal have them packaged in the container they were sent in, just to remind of my lost!
us customs should consentrate on keeping aliens outta here instead of siezing our gear .....f**king a**holes...i hate them!
Consider yourself lucky if they just seize your shit. As I posted before, my bro got busted on a class 4 felony for a small overseas package of Sustanon amps & some HCG vials sent to his home. He is $10,000 into lawyer fees so far as we speak!
My letter said, sign to give up the gear or go to court on a specific date...
My gear got sent twice by my source because it didn't arrive the first time. Customs thought I was a dealer for getting so much in a short period of time.
So I signed, and I never got bothered again. This was 2 years ago.
I guess they were just too busy :) or maybe i got lucky.

I never dared order overseas again. I have this feeling they are watching me now.
I don't understand how they could determine it's yours if you simply sign something saying you forefit the items. Saying you don't want them doesn't mean they are yours. I mean you could easly get that letter and you never ordered anything, Many people would sign saying they don't want the thing coming to them if they never ordered anything in the first place. I don't see how that alone would incriminate you.
don't order from overseas. ever. and don't use the mail system to send/receive contraband. ever.
don't use mail. find other means (i.e., hand carrying it, vehicle, etc). they sit a dozen inspectors at the mail facilities who have little better to do with their time than to shake, xray and open boxes...not giving a shit how neatly they do this. it's way too easy for them: like fish in a barrel. at the borders (air, land) the chances for getting tagged are significantly reduced.
its legal here

i had no idea anabolic steroids were illegal in the us ... here in the uk you can import as much as you want and as often ... as long as its for personal use
There are no legal anabolic steroids in the USA without a prescription that I know of. Atleast all of the one's that are on the "Steroid profiles" on this site are scheduled and are illegal to possess or distribute without a prescription.

And wanttogetbig...I doubt that.
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that is true as to the costoms agent he just want to see iff you or any one else claime s the stuff to nail you to a tree.d ont sighn any thing. :rockband: : :startrek:
androbolen said:
that is true as to the costoms agent he just want to see iff you or any one else claime s the stuff to nail you to a tree.d ont sighn any thing. :rockband: : :startrek:

That made absolutely no sense.

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