what was the saddest cycle you were ever on

One 10ml Test Prop(Steris) i believe?

I did 1cc a week with 25g 3/4 pins in the glute.

Needless to say i didnt gain much!!:confused:
Well mine actual first one was just a cycle of Winstrol (winny) like this 1c first week,2ccs, 3ccs, 2ccs,1c and 1c. Needless to say i gained nothing at all. And paid 300 bucks for it. Beat that!
yea..i'll show you up...payed 540 bucks for 32 vials of deca/24 vials of winny... and only 10 vials of deca showed up, and one was busted....THANK YOU CUSTOMS...YALL CAN LICK MY SHAVEN Peeches
The one where your post cycle didn't do the job but you didn't know until it was too late.
hey explain that one Mudge in details please..im curious..ive done 1.25 cycles..and have never dont a post cycle recovery...im going to now since im about to get on 500 supertest/300 deca..please go into it?
I shot 1cc of Winstrol (winny) a week for 5 weeks with a 18g needle that I used over and over again. I also lost an arm right before the cycle so I had to keep shooting it into the same butt cheek. How sad is that for ya? LOL
this is the saddest..not the dumbest thing you have ever did...sorry about the arm..but the same needle...HORRIBLE man
i had one bottle of enth. i used one cc and as i was storing the vial it fail and broke :( . also the dumbest thing ive done was spent my last $70 that i had on some 19nor shit. i had to survive off of cracker and orange juice for the rest of the week. now thats too stupid. young and stupid.
Blake8581 said:
hey explain that one Mudge in details please..im curious..ive done 1.25 cycles..

4 weeks of clomid post cycle, last 2 weeks being 50mg ED. 11 more weeks wait thereafter, next cycle comes around, gains suck ass and the balls were noticeably smaller about 3 weeks in. I'm 27 years old, post cycle therapy (pct) was when I was 26.
Mine was testoviron depot 250 for five weeks
wk1 1cc
wk2 2cc
wk3 3cc
wk4 2cc
wk5 1cc
and to top it off no pct.
Primobolan depot
week 1 100mg
week 2-5 200mg
week 6 100mg

I gained on this...haha...worst thinig was....i paid $30 per amp...LOL
I had 10 amps of sus 250 I started small. next thing you know I find out from friends that the shit is fake. I'm a prick so the next day I went to the guys place and he ended up giveing me two 10ml bottles of prop. I started into that and in five weeks I started getting bitch tit. Fuck that I have big time problems with converting. I'm 25 and dont shave, but I'm 225 lean and not week.

I guess I just have alot femine features

ow ya I have never been on a true cycle since. I always get fuck't
excuse the turm......
Harp, I get more body hair from test, facial hair comes in a little more. I'm white and I couldn't grow sideburns if I wanted :D some people are just like that. I can shave once a week and it doesn't get that bad. Now an italian friend of mine, 6 foot 170 pounds or so, has been shaving since he was 12, not exactly a freakish bodybuilder appearance though. Facial hair has little to do with the rest of you.