What Would U Do?


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I started prop last sunday. 125eod. I realized I didn't want to do this cycle so I switched it up.

My new cycle is as following starting today.

Sust250 1-10 500mg
Equipoise 1-10 600mg
Dianabol 2-5 50mg
Winny 7-12 50mg
Liquidex 1-12 .5 eod

What do you think?

I injected 2cc's today, Sustanon (sust) and & eq and started the dbol.

Am I good to go?
Aboot said:
You'll be running an oral steroid 10 of 11 weeks in that cycle?

Yes, but with a 3 week break.

Is that bad?

I'm taking 1000mg of milk thistle ed.
I don't think you need to run the EQ with this cycle. I don't think you will get anything out of it since your only running it 10 weeks. Thats just about the time it really starts to kick in, but thats just me.