When taking creatine...


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I used to mix my creatine mono with some cranberry juice post work out. It never really mixed up to well. So I have just been taking the 5 grams straight, and then washing it all down with a swig of cranberry. Is this effective, or does it need to be mixed to be effective? By straight I mean just taking a teaspoon of the gritty powder and just putting it in my mouth. Thanx.
David Gilmour said:
That way is fine. I always mix my creatine with juice/pour it into the blender with protein.

Yeah I've been doing that for about 2 years, but I have gotten tired of it never mixing well and always having about 1/4 of it left at the bottom of the cup.
Your stomach doesn't care. However, some experience a dry throat when taking the creatine pure, since it absorbs water. I usually do it that way to save time, plus it's only a second of bad taste, versus an entire glass.