Where this board has failed and succeeded


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I have not been here long, but I think this site is fantastic and I like a lot of the members. I posted this same message over at Mesomorphosis and I think it has applications here as well. Thanks for reading!

This post is intended to propose an important change in or addition to the goals of this board. I would like to preface this critique/proposal by saying that we all know that the following is more of less true:

1. The conceptions about steroids are still shrouded in mystery and there is much to be learned about how drugs interact, what recovery methods work best, and what doses are effective in specific cases.

2. Steroids are dangerous. Many of us choose to use steroids even though we have been warned by experienced, smart users within the circle that side effects carry serious health concerns.

3. We have made training, dieting, and supplementation with steroids a large part of our lives. Many of us cruise different boards for hours a day searching for info.

If these statements are agreeable, I would like to make a call that we need to be more thorough in our approach! Only we, as steroid users, can usher in a greater understanding of the field. What can we do to aid in this anabolic enlightenment?

Report your results! I see 20x the number of posts asking questions about their 10th cycle than the number of posts I see detailing thorough results and ideas about their particular past cycles. Imagine what could be accomplished in the way of understanding steroids if everyone of us who does a cycle gives specific information about their before and after stats, their doses, their injection protocol, their workout routines, diets, and training. Many of us have blood tests taken to understand even more specifically how steroids have affected us. This information, if shared, would be vital for promoting awareness.

This is not asking too much of us. At most, this type of report would take an hour. Is this request asking too much? Many of us spend hours a week as is on the boards. I know a lot of people on here are very knowledgeable and HAVE provided this type of information and I thank them sincerely. To those of us who may think "what will really change if we spend the time and energy to share our info?" - I call attention to the single experiment Bill Roberts conducted and reported on Mesomorphosis for "Jim". This one case study revealed crucial information about a new type of cycling and showed a non-conventional approach that works out pretty well! I really hope this thread doesn't die, because a lot can be accomplished. In order to pave the way, I will detail my last cycle, which consisted of double dose Mag-10 for 8 weeks. More than half of the questions I have seen about Mag-10 posted on this board alone could be answered by my next post. Thank-you!
Time to tell my results from the Mag-10 challenge and to give my answer to the question: What amounts of any given pharmaceutical anabolic steroids is MAG-10 comparable to, at two doses per day, with no other androgens being used?

I began the test at 198 pounds and slightly under 10% BF according to my Tanita scale. I used 2 servings of Mag-10 per day. I oriented my diet and training around the goal of bulking. I used massive eating principles and, on average, 6 meals per day. I trained 6 days a week and on Monday and Thursday I worked out twice per day - all due to my quirky schedule. I followed the Mag-10 Plan for Success workouts for the most part, but did incorporate "Bring the Pain" and also used different lifting techniques only every now and then, including "The painful Seven", "Exercises You've Never Tried", and "Myo-Genetic Sets". All of these articles are available at t-mag.com. I can give dietary specifics because I have kept a pretty strict food log. For any other training details you can ask me.

When I stopped the Mag-10, I took 300 mgs of clomid the next day, and now 50 mgs per day for the two weeks after the last serving. Today, 5 days after the last Mag-10 serving, I weigh 213.5 pounds. I had another bodyfat testing session in the lab today, and that is why I did not post the day I stopped Mag-10. Bioelectrical impedance, the same method used as before, showed 9.7 percent bodyfat. A little over two weeks into the cycle I had 187 pounds of LBM, now I have 193. Before that point, I can only estimate by my rough measurements of fat that I had already gained 3 or 4 pounds of LBM. This adds up to a total of 10 pounds. Refer to previous posts for clarification. I am not carrying ANY water that I didn't have before I started.

I did not set any PR's in this cycle and to be honest I was not training for strength. My current PR's were set while I was on a cycle of testosterone propionate and tren acetate. My strength, however, did increase. My squat, which has always been poor and difficult to improve upon, went from 250 x 6 reps to 270 x 7 reps while my bench went from 225 x 6 to 245 x 6. The weight felt lighter as well. I cannot see any visible striation except for my triceps and to a lesser extent chest. I did for a few weeks after my last cutting cycle, but that is to be expected. Because I had been off of androgens for quite a while and because I had not been eating strictly, during the period of this cycle I was gaining back strength that I had previously attained. However, I have never weighed as much as I do now. I worked out today and met those lifts in the squat, meaning I have not lost any strength whatsoever since I stopped taking Mag-10. I did lose a little over a pound and a half since the last serving and I did not feel as though I could have trained with the same volume as when I was on Mag-10. I suspect that at this point I am 20 pounds LMB above my natural limit at an equal body fat percentage. This figure may seem off, but I have a naturally lean frame and am quintessentially an ectomorph. I experienced no sides and I did not have a difference in mood before I started the clomid. I did not even have a significantly elevated sense of well-being while on test/tren.

As to how much pharmaceutical steroids would have gotten me the same results, I can only approximate. I suspect taking 80 mgs of test propionate per day over the course of 8 weeks along with .25 mgs of arimidex would have the same effect as the double dose Mag-10 cycle.