which cycle is more suppressive, and more anabolic?


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Hello everyone. Just needed to know which of these following cycles you think is more suppressive and which is more anabolic:

12 weeks of test enanthate 500mg per week + 400mg deca per week
12 weeks of test enanthate at 900mg per week (approximate)

And which cycle will cause the more bloat, considering that atleast 0.5mg of arimidex is used per day or every other day.

Now ofcourse everyone reacts differently to a dose of something, compared to someone else; so, I am asking for opinions based on your personal experience with each substance.
Is this your first cycle or so?
900 of test is more anabolic and androgenic.
That first cycle you got deca and test is better.02

nope its not my first cycle actually. I was going to go on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) indefenitally in a couple of months and I just wanted to know what I should add on to a nomral dosage of test per week when wishing to add some lean bulk weight. I was thinking to either increase the test level, or just add an anabolic like deca. My biggest concern is not which will give me more androgenic effects, but which would give me a bigger anabolic effect. I was thinking that using test alone at a higher dose is suppressive but is still not as suppressive and as risky for water bloat and gyno as using test combined with deca (considering the progesterone effects). Am I correct?
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Why is deca your only choice?The test will give you a higher anabolic and androgenic effect as i stated above.Either combo you go with your going to have to worry about bloat.At 400 mgs of deca i dought you have little to worry about gyno on the other hand 900 of test you'll have more to worry about.i still think your stack is the best choice, if i had to pick.02

I would expect greater gains from straight test. Mg per mg, test is about twice as anabolic as deca.

Most suppressive? The question is kind of irrelevant because they are both going to shut you down, as is any cycle that will give you any gains. Some people report that deca tends to shut them down "harder" and may be more difficult to recover from.

You may see a bit more water retention if you go with straight test, but I don't know that there will be much difference.