Why equipoise is for animals only at low doses/mg per cc?


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I have used equipoise in the past at pretty decent dosages and I am just curious as to why it is not available for human consumption and for horses, elephants etc. it only comes in 25 or 50mgs per cc??? For humans, we take between 400 and 800 mgs and it comes in at least 200mgs/cc dosages. :druggie: (Gosh does that shit make me hungry. Try to take my food away while I am on this stuff and I will put my fork through your hand!) :dance2:

Does anyone have a clue? I used to think that if it was good enough for a million dollar racehorse then it is good enough for me. What is anyones take on this?
the money just isnt in anabolic steroids for the drug companies . they feel that whats available and approved for human use is plenty . just my opinion .