Why so much contradictory information?



DirtyBird said:
Your replies have def put shit in perspective, and i finally think i actually understand why test is th ebest for beginers and base of all cycles. All i ever heard was test is best, no test=no cycle and shit like that, it wasnt till now i understand why, aside from it being the naturally occuring hormone, now tell me if im wrong, but is its pooularity due to the fact that yes it has some of the most sides liek bloat, estro, acne, dht conversion, BUT the sides of test are the easiest to counteract, while others may have less sides but are far more difficult to fight. Does this make sense? am i on track yet?

Yes...keep in mind your body is designed to run on test...therefore it makes good sense to take test instead of shutting yourself down with other steroids, and have zero test in your body...


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Swellin said:
A simple rule of thumb to use when judging what someone posts is to use logic and safety as your guides.
If their response is technical, does it mean they know what they are talking about...absolutely NOT.

Look at the posts and see what makes the most sense. Don't necessarily look at what a "vet" or a "mod" says, because I have seen some of those guys that were small enough to eat in two sittings.

I have yet to see a vet or a mod here that would lead you in the wrong direction. This place is pretty picky about giving out titles. So you can trust them to look out for your best interest.

For your first couple of cycles, simplicity means more than anything. I have read all the reasons why test is not best and why it is best for a first cycle. My younger brother started his first cycle about 18 months ago...you know what I put him on....test.

Don't do like I did and get all caught up in the 37,000 posts about which steroid is best and push yourself into using a bunch of compounds in a short period of time. no need for that. Run test. next, try dbol/test. When you see something different happening, you will know it was the dbol because you only ran one compound the first time.

Run a single ester test..enanthate or cypionate, so you don't have to inject but twice a week to keep relatively stable blood plasma levels.

As for listening to the big guys, thee is som merit to that, but at the same time...i know big guys who are big in spite of what they are doing to themselves...not because of it. At the same time, there are little guys in their bully pulpits on the net telling others the latest and the greatest.

You have to figure it out on your own, but this sure isn't a bad place to start.
well said and ology thanks you for the compliment :)


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Swellin nailed it.

DirtyBird, although Test does have the possibility for the most side effects, it is rare when someone displays all of these side effects at once, or very severly (as with other steroids) especially if your taking a conservative dose of 500mg/wk.