Wicked new recipe


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I dunno if we have a recipe forum...i couldn't see it so here goes.

1 Jar Apricot Jam (not cheap stuff)
Black pepper
Extra Virgin Olive oil
Dijon Mustard
8 chicken breasts

1. Mix apricot jam with black pepper to taste.
2. Mix in olive oil (I use 2 tbl spoons) to get the consistency you wish
3. Add dijon mustard to taste (I used 1.5 tbl spoons)
4. Mix all ingredients
5. Apply to chicken breasts (1 small jar will be good enough for 8 breasts)
6. Let marinate for at least 1 hour (preferably more)
7. Warm up barbeque to medium, and put 2 layers of foil on top of the barbeque. You can put some pam or olive oil on the foil to prevent the breasts from sticking.
8. Throw on the breasts and let them cook for about 20-30 minutes. You can turn it down if you see the marinade start to burn, but sometimes a little bit of burn adds to the flavor (the marinade, not the breasts).

I went to a local grocery store and the guy hooked me up with this. I'm so sick of microwaving plain chicken and smothering them with hp or bbq sauce. This is really tastey and juicy.

And if you get sick of it, you can just change it to orange jam, apple jam, peach jam, etc etc. This is probably more for bulking cuz theirs probably a lot of sugar in the jam. I don't even check cuz I need to get big lol.