winter cycle


Clit commander
what up, just wanting to get critiqued on my up coming cycle.

week 1-12 Test prop 100mg ed
week 1-12 NPP 150mg eod
week 4-12 winstrol 50mg ed
week 12-16 nolva pct
will take nolva and b6 as needed

5'9" 208 guessing around 10% bodyfat(got a 4pack)
this is my 4th cycle
right pumped said:
if your gonna run a cycle for 12 weeks why the short esters??

because 12 weeks short ester is basicaly a true 12 weeks, unlike long ester which 12 weeks is only really 8 or so.
That cycle looks tight man.

I really want to try NPP bad.

I've already started my prop yesterday, but i'm going to throw it in next week I think

1-6 Prop 200mg EOD
1-6 NPP 150mg EOD
Aboot said:
How old are you?

im 22

Have you used all of those compounds before? If not, which ones are new to you?

never used Winstrol (winny) before, used nandrolone, just not the phenyl propionate ester. and used test prop before
^ the worst thing that is gonna happen is his chol will get fucked up... inject/oral Winstrol (winny) are the SAME thing and he will get the same sides
roccodart440 said:
I would drop the winny.

Whys that? I defiently want to run an oral and its either going to be wintrol at the end or anadrol at the beginning. I figured Win was a better option since it doesnt cause progesterone sides like npp and anadrol do...
have you ran Winstrol (winny) at the end before? i really liked it. hopefully you dont get the joint pains from winny.