Women and Iron

ive been helping a friend of mine who has been trying to get in shape/loose weight for years she joined the gym on my advice and was trying very hard but the manager was a certified trainer who had her doing mega reps with tiny amounts of weight and she was getting very frustrated with little or no improvement , i talked her into giving it one more try , we lowered her reps added weight and she has made incredible progress and the crazy thing is that even with the OBVIOUS progress , the manager keeps telling her shes doing it wrong [ my theory is that it makes the manager feel bad that my friend can lift more weight than her :D ] , ive since converted a couple of other ladies to my way of thinking . the key to converting a beginner is that when you say [ LIFTING HEAVY } it is a relative term , what is heavy to 1 person is not heavy to another , pushing yourself hard to do 8-15 reps is lifting heavy , doing mega reps without breaking a sweat because the weight is so light is called a warm up set :D

These current day "certified personal trainers"...where the hell did they get certified at ? Cracker Jake University? I am surprised at what I see some of these assholes are instructing people to do. At a local gym here, they had to call an ambulance because the jerkoff "certified trainer" screwed them up. And just last week at the same pathetic gym (no name) I saw a trainer telling a overweight woman to do a move on a tread mill... goes like this; he showed by getting into position himself; get in the push-up position with her feet on top of the belt and her hands on the floor. This poor older fat woman looked scared and actually tried this. She could barely get her feet up on the belt. It does not take a "certificate" to KNOW what to do with diet/training. Many of these certified trainers I see.... I would not pay them to train me just by what they look like. If they're not in shape themselves, how can they effectively train another person?

By the way, this was a good post and should motivate any woman that reads it. I'm one of the lucky few that are just naturally strong. :dance2: