Working out on Steroids


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How much on the average have you guys jumped up your workouts while on vs natural. For instance, did you increase # of sets or # of times per week? or do you just continually work with heavier weights?

I dont really increase the workload at all. Like you said, the weights jsut continually increase. I may do an extra set here and there but again, my workouts dont change really at all while "on".
I usually do the same while on and off. While off i work out one body part a week. While on i sometimes do a bodypart twice a week because i recover faster when on. Only other thing that changes is the weight i use goes up while on.
I don't change my workouts or the amount of time I spend in the gym. While I am on the amount of weight you can do naturally increases a bit, but I don't overload with a bunch of heavy sets, I like to get good strict reps usaully 10-12.
I love steroids...I don't have to work out when I take them and still get freaky huge :D j/k.....I train the same off as I do on in regards to sets/ time spent.....
the most important thing to increase while on is your protien intake, calories and sleep

you didnt post your workout spilt so we cant critique that so maybe you should post it..