"You need to come in for blood test before we refill TRT prescription"


New member
Pretty pissed off right now!

I've been on NHS TRT for almost a year now. Was previously private with a specialist who also consults for the NHS - he wrote to my GP explaining my need for TRT and helped me get on the NHS.

My TRT is managed by my specialist who usually gives me advance notice of blood tests (typically as I'm having the current one - i.e need to come back for next one in three months).

I've moved to annual tests now and was told by specialist I'm not due one until next year. However, just had a voicemail from my surgery saying I need to come in for a blood test before they can refill script.

Am I being unreasonable to think they need to give me some notice? I had my last shot on Thursday and have run out now. I ordered a refill on the same day which my father was going to collect and drop off to me tomorrow. I'm booked in with clients every week day for the next fortnight and my surgery is closed on weekends so I'm going to struggle to get in for a blood test at such short notice.

Going cold turkey for a fortnight isn't very appealing, especially as a HGV driver working in urban areas who needs to be sharp and focused and not feeling crappy behind the wheel! However, it's also pretty crap for me to let down a new client at short notice.

Am I overreacting or is it reasonable to expect some advance notice? Generally blood tests are done on a schedule so there shouldn't really be any sudden surprises.
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