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  • Glad to hear surgery went well girl ;)
    Hopefully yhe voice issue goes back to normal, the one thing I worried about the most when I did primo was my voice, I love to sing, not that I have talent :worried: but I love to do it.. so I always worried my voice would change, thank god it didn't.. I'm sure your voice will go back to normal, it probably takes time.... Hope you contunue to feel better girlie :)
    take care~
    Hi there,

    How's the training coming along ? Pls keep me updated on your surgery :) have a good one~
    Goodluck for the surgery babe, not that you will need it ;) Hope you get all the answer you were looking for <3
    hey I was thinking of taking Mrs P to get some bad ass tatts like yours, how much did yours cost :)
    Happens to all of us, I ate like a horse during the holidays
    I'm sure you'll get back in the swing of things in no time.
    & having a glass of wine sometimes it's not a bad thing... gotta live a little too, right ?
    Damn I think I'll have one tonight ...

    I love margaritas, haven't had one in ages
    Thanks I really appreciate yoru compliments :)
    I bet your looking really good yourself ;)

    We buy organic as much as we can afford, I wish I could afford more, but my 3 little ones eat more than an elephant
    :( nothing like organic.. We really are what we eat !

    How did your last cycle turn out ? Did u get good results ?
    Are u still taking forged ? I stopped taking pre-workout supps, just a few cups of joe now for me it's enough.
    Thank u so much girl !

    Been working my a$$ off :)
    How's your training going ?
    Hope your feeling better ;) Happy to see u back here.
    I'm great thanks for asking, kids are happy & growing like a weed... & I'm training hard :)
    I read your posts on clen & t3 and i was hoping i could talk to you about a cycle for me. I am 6ft3 and close to 250 pounds. Do you have any advice for me?
    How did your cycle workout?
    That's a great attitute to have ! :)

    Yeap, I have lived in Florida my whole life, so anything that has to do with snow I know nothing

    Have a good sunday~ :)
    Sounds like a cool tattoo, I love Dragons, still considering what to get, I'm terrible at making decisions when it comes to these things, I tend to overthink
    I'll probably end up designing something myself... definitely not a "Tramp Stamp " lol

    Have a good night~
    Cool, snowshoeing, ok I admit it, I totally had to google it :(
    But it looks like sooooo much fun, and definitely a great leg workout :) I'm the youngest of 7, yes, my Mom & Dad had cable tv, but they only had 2 channels, so they had plenty of free time on their I always imagined I would have a boy & Girl, and with my first they told me it would be a boy, then the 2nd was a surprise till birth & the last, I knew it was a girl, I can't imagine now not having 3 girls..

    I'm sorry to hear about your ovarian cancer, my Mom had breast cancer & Dad had lung cancer, cancer is one thugh thing to go through. It's great u have a good relationship with your stepsons :)
    Dominica Republic is beautiful, we went last year, had a blast :)
    I love to vacation in the caribbean, but this year I want to go on a skiing vacation, dying to see snow (for a change) here in Florida is like 150 % pretty much all year
    Btw (I like your tat in your back, what is it? I can't make it out from the pic) I'm thinking about getting my fist tat soon,
    so I'm looking for ideas, I want to get one on my back, but don't want the usual lower back tattoo that most girls have.
    Yeap, I gained 4 lbs with Primo not a lot, but it was all muscle, that's why I want to try GH, I'm not going for too much muscle either, my back is really developed, I'm actually just working on mantaining it and defining a bit more, but don't want to get too bulky, my lower body I'm pretty happy with, I naturally have good calfs, & legs, with Primo my legs did get harder, which I loved, I haven't really lost the gains from Primo, exept some of the strength gains, I was doing 10-12 pull-ups with no help, now I'm lucky if I do 6 :(
    My abs is my problem area, I'm finally seeing my abs, which have been playing hide & seek since the birth of my oldest 9 years but now that my BF is lower, I'm working my abs like a crazy women !! and finally seeing some results.

    I have 3 beautiful girls, 9, 7, 3.
    I loooove kids, would love to have one more, but Mr P says 3 is enough, poor him, we have an estrogen dominant

    How about u, do u have any kiddos ?
    I don't compete, I've thought of it, maybe doing a bikini or fitness competition, but it's so time consuming to prep for it & I don't really have the time, once the kids come home from school, is homework, school projects, dinner, baths, & then my favorite time
    BED TIME !! lol
    So it's really not really top in my priority list

    I bet u look really great !! I bet you'll look great in your bikini in Jamaica, I think I read that's where your going, right ?
    U know with Primo I didn't get any water weight, I wa afraid I was going to look like a water balloon with legs (I don't really retain much water, not even before my period) I've read many girls complain about water weght with var thou.
    But as long as you get the results at the end, that's all that matters :)

    Looking forward to following your log~

    Take Care~ & keep killin it sista !!
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