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  • Hey there :)

    Sorry for the late reply, I'm not posting much these days, kids are keeping plenty busy..
    Most women do experience bloating with var, as to how long after var do u lose the water weight really depends on the person.
    (I didn't really experience much bloating on var)
    How's you water intake ? make sure your drinking plenty of water.
    I four 6 weeks out I think u can still do another 2 weeks of var..
    Once u drop the water you should see a difference.

    Don't really know which fat burner to suggest, if your looking for appetite suppressor/energy boost then maybe ECA stack.

    How's the diet ?

    If we don't chat before your comp wish u ~~ The best of luck ~~

    take care ;)
    Well my appetite is sky high right now, have lots going on and my weight has crept up a touch.. But I'll force it down again once this busy patch is over. I have 2 kids and love love love them! glad to hear you and your boyfriend are back on :)
    Thanks girl ;)
    U are too nice wiht me :)
    About training the calves, I have never trained them everyday, I do go extrmely high reps & really burn them, I work them 2 X a week.. They honestly hurt so bad that I don't think I could work them more than that.
    I have also read that u can work them everyday & still have them grow, I have in the past worked them everyother day..
    I think genetics more than anything play a role in how our calves are.
    Hope everything is well with u ;)
    Take care~
    Jlo ain't got nuttin' on me lol!!! Well it's hard and getting harder. My guy is so strong willed and is determined to keep me awake 24/7 I swear I haven't slept since last August! But stupidly I'm still training on complete exhaustion which causes me to eat more...never ending cycle of over eating lately (even though I'm told I'm still losing weight I still feel a bit poo :() But, it will get better and my kids overall are the sweetest. So how are you getting on?
    Awww, you are really sweet girl ;)
    You know, I really like helping others, I've always been this way.. but yes, some people won't listen, and some laugh at u & might even think your crazy.. I get that all the time, lol
    But you try & educate them & hope they apply your advise & if they don't oh well ..u move
    I still have a lot to learn myself, everyday is an opportunity to learn something new, right ?
    How's everything with u ? how are those calves coming along ?
    Too funny :) I accept my big ole butt, it ain't going nowhere!!!! My husband loves it, could even take it bigger perish the thought!

    You deserve the compliment you do look good. We never look as good as we really are, so remember that. ;)
    Hey! Thanks for dropping by on me :) Energy is low still, my son still wakes at night and I have to settle him, plus early mornings etc - I won't bore you with the details lol! Well there's ass and then there's ASS! I'm the latter at the moment ;)
    haha...I'm a brunnette too... and btw
    "Blondes don't have more fun" LOL
    Glad to hear you are getting good results, best of luck on your journey :)
    Yeap, carb cycling is for me the most efficient diet to cut..
    Is that u on your profile pic ? if so looking good ;)

    Please feel free to message me if u have other questions.
    Have a good one :wavey:
    No problem girl ;)

    You know the loss of strength suxs, but it kindda of balances out after a while & u stabalize yourself again. As far as the appetite goes, with var yoru metabolism speeds up & body is on a anabolic state, u could even have a decrease in appetite while on var.. after your cycle your metabolism goes back to normal & slows down some, you'll really need to adjust your diet, I've read many women complain about this if u don't tweak your diet you'll end up packing a few.
    U can take an OTC pre-workout like Forged Burner (it has an appetite suppresant) I took it when I did Primo & for a while afterwards & I liked it.
    Clen could be effective but I'm not a fan, the sides are not worth it's use IMO.

    What works for me when trying to cut is carb cycling.

    Hope your having a great weekend :)
    Women usually don't need PCT, since we don't need to resume normal test production, and likewise, the major hormone for us is not stopped by an exogenous test source. Your mentrual cycle should come back on its own after the compond clears your system.

    Tapering down it's what's sugegsted for var, but if your dose was low & you haven't ecxperiemced ay sides, u should be ok if u didn't taper down. I wouldn't start again after 12 days, everyone is different but most report getting their cycles back within a month or 2.

    How do u feel after finishing the cycle ? :)
    I'll send you my photobucket link if you are interested in the visual transformation. Just needed to take it off the public forum :)
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