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  • Whats up big homedog???? I haven't talked to you in ages! You been on that girls section prowlin' for hotties??? lol!!
    hey man waz up thanks for all the advice on my cycle youll b gald to here that i will b gettign my clomid and hcg very soon but anyways i recall u saying that for my first cycle i should drop the trend and your not the only one the thing is am just wondering ? and if i do decide to keep tren on my first cycle whats the worst case scenario once again thanks
    hey man i wrote back what u needed to know hopefully we can figure something out by the way thanks alot for talking the time
    i started a treand under anabolic steroid forum its called not enough reshearch is a mistake please have a look
    k but the thing is i only have 20ml of test 200mg and have 30ml of tren 100 mg not sure if i should divide it so i can finish them at the same time or if its ok to run tren longer
    no i did not quit today is march 29th and i want to continu and finish if possable and i cant pm u it wont allow me
    k your probably going to shake your head at this and i now realiz that i fucked up although i wish my supplyer would of giving me more info and knowlage i only have myself to blame for not doing the proper rechearch. i been doing some reading and now i realize that i should of only started doing test for my first cycle the problem that i have is that ive already started this is what ive done so far march25 100mg tren enanthate mixed with 200mg test. March 26 20 mg dbol. March27 100mg tren and 20mg d bol. March 28 did nothing was told to stop dbol. March 29 100mg tren 200mg test that is it up to date i was informed to get nolva witch i will b getting this week anyway this is what i had at the beganing of the cycle 30ml tren 20 ml test ive also been talking arimidex .3mg every day i know i fucked up and my own stupidity is to blame but now i will b more prepared for my next cycle am a little worryed and not sure where to go from here some advise and guidance would b appreciated
    hey man just new here been reading for awhile but still havet found my answer hopefully u can help about 2 start my first cycle ever but really need 2 know some stuff my buddy reccomeded that i start with ethanate trenbalone dbol n anti estrogen am worryed about side effect espacally sexual ones please elite me i would appreciate it alot
    Hey Cobra I have seen posts that you have posted and you seem very knowledgeable about this. can you please help me thanks.
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