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  • Hi Cobra,

    Hope all is going well for yourself and training on top form!

    A while you commented on one of my threads (i know you prob comment on 100's!) and it was suggested that you are the man in the know when it comes to running HCG along with test.

    Would I be okay to run a beginner course of test e or c (not sure which is best) for 12-14 weeks and using dinabol as a kick-start for the 1st 6 weeks along with a HCG.

    Here is the original post:

    Dont worry for sure I am not going to take another oral only cycle from all the posts I have read on here!!

    Appreciate your comments if you dont mind at all.

    well first of all you need to change your cycle completely. Deca needs to be ran for 12 weeks minimum and at 250mg per week you wont get anything out of it. 400 per week of deca is minimum IMO. You also need to run your test 200mg higher then the deca and for 2 more weeks then the deca.

    as far as pct there are a few different things you could do:
    clomid 50/50/50/50 and nolva 40/40/20/20
    clomid 50/50/50/50
    toremifene 120/90/90/60
    or you could do the triptorelin pct which is 2 weeks after your last test e inject shoot 100mcgs of triptorelin sub q and then the next day start nolva 40/40/20/20

    its up to you
    i was wondering if you could give me some advice for my PCT. This will be for my 3rd cycle, which i wont be starting for a few months, but am ordering it now so i wanted to know what i will need. I have decided to throw deca in the mix. I would be running Test C 250mg twice a week(for 10 weeks)
    along with deca 250 mg once a week(for 8 weeks)
    I know to start the PCT 2-3 weeks after my last shot, but wasnt sure what to take and how much. Also, i heard nolva is no good with deca so any help would be appreciated.
    So, the logic behind using Winny for me was yes as a cutter, but mostly to keep the lean gains as my experience with T in the past was that most of those gains seemed to be water bloat and after the cycle I lost most of it. From what I was reading about Winny it would help you keep the lean gains. I know that you are not into Winny and I do see the negatives in a big way with it (SHOTS suck, the 3 days after the shots I feel like I am 80 years old, and my knees are killing me). What would u suggest in it's replacement for lean mass build and cutting?
    Thanks Bro!!!! I can't do Private Messages and can't figure out on this iphone screen how to up my membership to be able to. Is it cool to ask you a, "cutter" type question on this visitor message board?
    Hey Cobra. Sorry to bother you but you seem to be one of the most knowledgable and honest guys on this forum. On week 7 of my sust 250/winny (not for the full 7, just started the winny 2 weeks ago) cycle. Been using arimidex tuesday and Friday and HCG for the two days leading up to my sust shots. Just today my nipple is sore as shit and feels like a slight bump growing. Have some Letro on hand that I bought from RUI but I am just confused by how many different opinions are on these forums about what dosage I should take. I am 205 lbs 16% bf and on 500MG of Sust 250 a week and 50MG of Winny ed (drinking it now - can't take the winny shots - Yeah Im a bitch). Not sure if what I am taking makes a difference on how much letro but in case it did just wanted you to know the details.
    Hey man been reading your opinions on aromasin and it's what I want to use on my cycle coming up. I was wondering if you could counsel me on it.
    i been reading threads and i think you know what you talking bout i'm a newbie i wanna try test e...pretty much i just want to know a legit site where i can place my orders with legit stuff please thankyou if you help
    Hey man I have been reading some of your posts and am very new to this stuff I am wondering if you might be able to help me out my e-mail is thnx
    You live in the states? I got it now all I need to know is can I order from the states? Or will I just get my money taken
    Lmao I may be blind. Most of the bottle don't show the design. Is it under the photos link and start with a g?
    Yo dude, you seem to be knowlegable about gear and also know how to get ahold of some legit stuff. I live in south Louisiana and I just got flooded out of my house so I'm relocating up north. I don't have and gear contacts anymore and looking to establish some new ones and because of my situation I am forced to do it o. Here. Any advice man? Or direction
    Where's Stick been? Haven't heard a peep from him? Anyway, I got my last final tomorrow bro, I'm outta here!
    Dude, it is unbelievable some of the advise these dumbasses give people who obviously don't know what they are doing!!! Makes u want to twist their fucking head off! This guy about the Tren on his first cycle and that blab! Anyway, people can't just take good ole advise!
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