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  • kenny powers:"i took april's virginity"
    principal:"what did you say?"
    kenny powers:"i don't want any smoothie"
    Yeah well I got shit handled and so now I am back on track.. ready set go fuck I love my little Pinga Rambo, you are the shit
    been goin well brotha-- wish there was more interesting shit goin on around here to read & post about but theres just a lot of fuckin newbies with nothing worth reading really lately....moving back down south in the next week which im excited about. hows shit with you?? hows wifey doin??? lol jk... yea thats not me in the pic but my buddy sent it to me back in the day cuz it looks a lot like me. hope shits goin well on your end bro
    hey pinga just wundering does ur rep power go up on its own after time or do u have to earn it some how
    Hi pinga pls will u take a look at my thread real or fake d-bol when u get a min bro havnt had much feed back yet do u get brit drgn gear across the pond
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