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  • Can't cheer for your local hockey team? That's all good the canucks are accepting new fans starts at 6pm mt...don't be late:)
    Just a spontanious smile..haha all my friends say I smile alot. Maybe thats why I dont have any grey hair..:O
    hey... i see a couple of messages in (visitors messages) (what does your prop come out to) but i cant open them, access denied... dunno why
    i will copy over what i recently wrote and hopefully you get it here...

    i am pinning eod so every 4th would be the hcg. now i read that it expires quick.
    i am now reading that hcg will not last in the fridge more than 30-60 will expire.
    i wanted to use it for 80 days. e4d X 20
    taking test prop

    now if this is true. that it expires, than what i might do is consider taking 500-1000iu a week for the last 4 weeks and throw the last 1000iu away...
    than begin pct... or take 500iu a week for the last 60days. (but i wont know if it expires)
    this you know how long hcg(pregnyl) lasts for (without expiring)?
    thanks again repo
    hey.... i have been having trouble sending you emails. have you been getting them... i keep getting an email notification saying the the email did not reach destinations...weird shit
    ok, you said not to follow the dosage but just how to mix it... so how much and how often should i inject the hcg... if its not too much trouble can you lay out how you would do the sust, dbol, hcg, clomid and aromasin all together? Like i siad, i wanna get this right!
    well i am looking for lean gains...
    my original plan was to do this:

    --test E or C 500mg (mon-thurs) 12 weeks
    --Tbol/turnibol -50mg ed-1-4 than 10-14
    --hcg starting week 3-12 (or week1, not sure)
    --week 14 -aromasine and nolvadex for pct
    now they do not offer aromasine... but im really interested in this product think i might just make a small order to naps for that

    the aromasine is what i wanted to use through my cycle at 12.5 ed or 20mg eod.
    i heard its really works and is great for bloat and compliment to nolva for pct...

    the other idea was just to do

    -test P 100 eod 10-12 weeks
    -tbol 50mg ed- but not sure with test p
    -hcg also not sure if needed but weeks 3-10(12)
    and i guess the aromasine wouldnt be as important than doing it with test e
    nolva pct

    thats it... i hope this makes sense.

    i dont mean to ramble on.
    so what do you think i should do?
    lean gains...

    what are your views on HCG, Tbol, aromasine you think test C is better than E... less bloat?
    i was thinking of getting aromasin for that
    also. does the test P hurt a lot from z or naps...or not so much
    thanks again
    hi repo. i have a question about the z line. you said pm you for details.. im torn between naps and z line...
    i hear naps takes long but products are great... in your opinion...what is the best test from uncle z. Galenika??? human grade?
    also. which is better for shipping to canada... i really dont want to lose out...
    thank you so much for your consideration
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