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  • Hey Repo, It won't let me PM you for some reason, if you could get ahold of me i would appreciate it. recon.e30(at)
    when ordering from the uncle should i use my real info and address or no?
    thanks repo, i appreciate u going out of your way. i did receive an email and my WU has been picked up!!! cant wait to finish up with their anavar. how do you like the var? anyway gotta get some posts up lol. thanks again
    thanks repo, appreciate the response. i have had that happen once also but i was more concerned cuz i still havent got an email from z saying he got it. ill wait it out til the end of the week. im sure there are tons of WU payments to pick up. thanks again for the help
    hey repo, in ur experience, how long does it take z to pick up the western union funds as i have bee waiting over 4 days for them to pick them up. is this normal? thanks in advance
    Yeah it might be fun for a day...

    All the women have summer teeth.

    Some'r there and some'r not! :D
    I'd love to go back to caveman era for a day or two..body hair was a trend as was lack of teeth and lack of stds....mmmmm yum! Actually I'd be fn freaked out...but would be a cool
    See! That's proof right there..laptops shit on ya..but yellow pages can always be found;)
    LOL - Yeah it's too freaking hot and I have to wear long sleeves and a tie - I hate it - look nice and feel like shit!!!

    Don't worry about the search no hurry - my laptop took a shit on me what a drag it's 4 months old so it's still under warranty - I still love if though it's a MacBook air 11 inch - great for being mobile -talk to ya latter bud :)
    Howz it going you crazy assz mofo:) I didnt do that search thingy yet but I will..its too much thinking for me phone. Must be hot ass in florida..its frkn hot here..and smuggy from a big ass wildfire up north..its spreading faster than bro knowledge does on the internet:0...have a good one!
    I got a LG something..just a crap touch screen phone. Its ok if you just browse and stuff. .but if you get into online msging it starts slowing down and having heart attacks. Kinda like a canucks fan in a blowout loss:) i will reply to your pm tomorrow when im back at a real computer. :)
    Hahaha my phone is a pc of shit. I read that last one..but my phone says exceeds space when i try and reply. Can you send another one on a clean slate:)
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