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    thanx for accepting me as a contact man you seem like you really know the score been reading some of your threds
    Wassup man. I was reading up on a recent thread you started about hdl/ldl. I would like to buy Flush Free Niacin. Can you tell me what web site you go to buy that? Thanks man.
    German, Tren made you go to the docs office? You thought you were dying? Thats some scary stuff dude. I guess its a hard lesson learned *shrug* But thank God you're feeling better. Can I ask you a question? When a Gear head says a steroid will shut you down, what is he referring to? Shut what down? The capacity to produce normal testo? I'm just curious by the "shutting down" comment. Peace dude. Sorry for another question :)
    German, what up man? How you feeling? Still feeling the Tren affects? Hope you feel better man. Hey, have you ever used clen or T3? I havent. I need some advice. I bought a liquid form of clen/T3, its a combo, and comes as 200 mcg 30 mL. I dont know how much to use :-( If I cant get a responce from this web site, I'll have to Google it or go to another board :) I want to know how much a day, per day and how long? Do I have to cycle off of it? Can I loose 10 to 15 lbs in a 3 month cycle? Anyway, I'm 5'10 and weigh 255. 55 lbs is fat :) Peace dude and thank you ahead of time.
    Also, by the way, I'm a novice myself. I hope you dont take offence of my last post. It was meant to help you. And in my opinion, you dont have to use milder steroids for now on. In my opinion, and you can confirm it with a gear veteran, you can go back to testo e. and dianobol. It was the tren that thru you off. I almost tried tren (even bought it) but I'm happy I didnt use it. In the future, after a few cycles God willing, I will use it. Sooner than its good for me :) Peace dude.
    German, how are ya? I just wanted to comment on your thread of crashing, because of Tren. Tren enan. stays in your bod for 5 to 7 days, so thats how long you'll endure side effects. Tren accetate stays in your bod for 2 days, 3 days max. If its your first time using Tren, use the acetate version, to see how sides affect you first. If sides affect you, dont worry, Tren acetate only last 2 days in body. Also, IN MY OPINION, injecting 200 mg in one shot is tooo much, especially for a novice. I read 75 mg every other day would be great. You can EVEN do 37.50-50 mg every day, as a beginner and first time user. The sides effects you listed are classic Tren: sweating profusely, kidney damage, no sex life, etc. Did you get night sweats? Thats very common. Also Aggression and hairloss is common. Did you feel aggression while on Tren? Tren is meant for gear veterans. Because they can deal with the sides better. They have experience. You can try tren in the future, but read up on it first!!!
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