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  • Yo, you've ordered from naps, right? How long did it take for you to get you order, after you paid and ect?
    Hey man. I don't know if you've seen my new cycle post, but, I am going to run 1-4 dbol at 30mg, and i cant decide on test e for 12 weeks or prop for 8. Which do you think I should do? The prop kicks in faster, and the e is more long term which may allow for more gains to be kept. I am going to do one of the two, just looking for some advise if you're willing. I would appreciate all your help man.
    Hey, you seem very knowledgable and I hae learned a lot from you. I just bought this cycle. I bought 3 vials of:

    Testosterone Propionate 30mg
    Testosterone Phenylpropionate B.P. 60mg
    Testosterone Isocaproate B.P. 60mg
    Testosterone Decanoate 100mg
    Amsterdame, Holland
    Huma Labs Company

    Does 250mg 2 times per week sound right?
    Have you heard of this type of "mixed" steroid?

    Also, I have heard of upfronting, or something like that. That is, taking a shot of, for example, 750mg at the beginning to avoid low blood levels and then continuing with 250mg a week after that. What do you think of this?
    put on a shirt damn it!! your making it hard for others to compete around here!!.. pretty boy!! Lol
    hey man, you have quite a bit of post and must be experienced with the ology and all the connects. have you had any personal experience with dbol - gp brand, or uncle z dbol?
    my house is a 1956...they were able to save 95 percent of the original wood....now I need furniture as I gave mine to my painter as he has nothing...
    I m so sore..calves, ab s chest ham s delts ...all are on the verge of locking up... I believe my return to training was heralded by more enthusiasm than my old bone s and muscle s can absorb..on a trt dose...however..I plan on squeezing out tri s/bi s 30 min aerobics..and stretch..if my enthusiasm continues we ll introduce prop eod ...soon.Macht s gut mienen fruend..
    Thanks for the well wishes. How goes the rehabilitation? Also I know this is long dead but ...auf gut glückdid... you ever get that suspension sorted out? I was not brewing it back then so could not advise you but what you can do now is add 1ml of BA to it and throw it in the oven with a 25g needle to vent for 45 min. Then shake it up and should be back to normal. Warming the BA before injecting it helps to. Just warm not hot.
    Hey man, thanks again for all of your help. I hate to bug you, but I ma looking for this shit you described. Test e, any particular name brand? The chlomid, couldnt find it in rui or the unclez website. and aromasine, $80.00? Is that right.
    hey thank you for your reply much appreciated. So just to be exact in reference to me doing the sustanon and the testosterone enanthanate I should do 1 cc of each for 10 weeks. I am starting both at the same time is that right? And as far as the pct how much should I take each day. Sorry for the questions but you are the only person that seems to know what they are talking about and I want to be careful. What website would you recommend to order my pct and nova from? Thank you my friend
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