1st cycle, 2nd shot


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1st cycle and on my second shot of 250mg(500wk) test enan. about 2-3 days later im flush in the face and a bit on my neck. it feels hot to me, but normal when i touch the skin. Is this a normal reaction? i have read some posts about high bp, but this is not the case. My bp is at baseline for me and no fluid retention. And im pretty sure it takes quite a few weeks before RBC count goes up. is it that test acts as a vasodilator, this would expand blood vessels and since the face and neck contain vessels closer to the surface of the skin, this may account for the flushing. I skipped yesterdays shot because i am trying to play it safe. i dont understand why this would happen on the second damn shot! i also have some nolva on hand. any input on this problem would be great. thanks
Could be test flu, could just be how you react to gear. Keep a close watch on it for now. I don't think you need to be scared of injecting.

Are you talking about your overall body, or the injection site?
ok, i said fuck it, i took another shot. if it gets worse ill let yall know, thats for the response outlaw.
i dont know if it was the most recent shot of test or the 10mg of nolva, but the red neck and face is gone.