Weird reaction to testosterone shot, extreme sweating, flushed skin, diarrhea, vomiting.


Boy 2 Beast
Hey guys, I’ve been on testosterone replacement therapy for about a year and a half now today I got my injection.

About a minute after injection, I could taste something in my mouth like I just had a B12 shot. The next symptom was vomiting, then emptying my bowels until nothing but water came out. All the while I’m sweating profusely. There was a puddle of sweat from my head just from using the bathroom. My skin was bright red head to toe and my eyes were bloodshot.

This sick feeling lasted about 30 minutes leaving me lethargic. After about an hour I felt well enough to leave.

Testosterone cypionate @200mg left cheek
HGH in the fat on my stomach. The injector had a shot of the HGH from the same vial before me with no side effects and this isn’t my first shot of HGH and Test at the same time.

Does anyone out there have any clue what may have went wrong? I feel like I might’ve got some in a vein, but I’ve never heard of a reaction like this.