1st test cycle


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my nipples (skin/flesh texture) is a lot softer than normal. should i start using nolva?

a buddy on mine from my gym said that around this time of my cycle, i should start using Nolva to keep estrogen level down, at about 20mg EOD.

save it till the end, or use it now?


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no way you are at your natural limit. you look like your gonna get gyno, becareful broly. how tall are you?


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71 inches. several people here say they dont think ive reached my natural limit, but i disgree. i know my body, and ive been diet bulking for quite a while, and i have never gotten past 170lbs. to late now anyways. ive already began.

. what should i look for in gyno? im not bloating and my nipples are not senstive, no lumps...the only sides im gettign is oily skin, and like a said softer nipples.

my face feels warm soemtimes too, and at times a little red(not bad though). is that normal? is that from higher blood pressure?
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Could be that you are retaining water in your chest. That would give you a little puffyness. I found that I got sensitive nips. They would get hard and itch a bit. 40mgs of nolva knocked it out in 3 days.


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day 28 update

so heres my new update...i was wrong about last update, it was actaully day 14 instead of 21...
that would make today day 28 after my first injection.

nipples were a little soft.. no sensitivity, not really sure if its a step before gyno...so to be safe, cause it cant hurt anyways(right?) im taking nolva for a few days at 40mg/30mg/20mg..then might run nolva for rest of cycle at 20mg every other day, as advice from a freind of mine at my gym to prevent gyno and bloat.

starting- 167 lbs.
day 14 - 170 lbs.
day 28 - 175 lbs.

-wide grip bench press - 3x10 - 185lbs
day 14 - (start 5x5 routine) 5x5 - 185 /185 /185 /190 /195/
day 28 - (start 5x5 routine) 5x5 - 215 /215 /220 /220 /225/

-shoulder push press(standing up, 5x5) - 115lbs
day 14 - 115/115/115/115/115
day 28 - 120/125/125/125/130

-Upright Rows - 95/95/95
day 14 - 95/100/105
day 14 - 115/115/115

-behind the neck press( sitting, 5x5) - 135/135/135/135/135
day 14 - 5x5 - 135/135/140/145/145
day 28 - 5x5 - 145/145/145/155/155

not that its good, by stomach has gained 3 inches.
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Nolva can be very expensive and not ideal for running during a cycle, AIFM may be a better choice, I got mine within 3days....do a search on Macro I think he sells it for a discount to forum members..

Good log keep up the hard work, once you pack some good muscle onto your top half your micro waist will make it look twice as big!


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been a while. i pretty much gained 10 pounds after 4 weeks of running test....and then i got food poisoning and a shoulder injury consecutively, which pretty much set me back about a week and a half. i lost 4 pounds of what i gained..

now I am at week 6, and iv recovered what i lost and I'm at 177, but its depressing cause i know could have been at probably 182 if i hadn't hadn't gotten sick and what not.

I was thinking about extending my cycle to 12 weeks to make up for gains lost...but on a recommendation of a friend of mine who had a bad first cycle, because he ran his to long he says,and lost everything during post cycle therapy (pct), he told me to cut it shorter....only 8 weeks...and save what i have (about 20ml) and just run another 8 week cycle next year

your guys thoughts? extend to 12 weeks, or run 8 weeks, do a really good post cycle therapy (pct), and try another cycle next year after Ive complete recovered?


It you're up in the air...it'd just stick with 10 weeks and see how the post cycle therapy (pct) goes. You never know..you aren't your buddy and you may keep all gains through post cycle therapy (pct).


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nice post...this is what im thinking of doin...good luck and i didnt know it takes that f'n long for resutls shit..


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G03ixxer6 said:
nice post...this is what im thinking of doin...good luck and i didnt know it takes that f'n long for resutls shit..

it doesnt take that long for results normally