are my genetics just terrible?


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I have 3 Test+Tren cycles under my belt, yet I can't still bench 225 lbs/100kg. never had the pleasure of racking 2 blue plates on each side and rep it. I wish I could do that fml

I also can barely deadlift 405 lbs/180kg

I can curl 88 lbs/40kg barbell for 1 rep

my body is also skinnyfat (18-19% bodyfat with little muscle)

this is after 3 fucking test+tren cycles. what hope do I have?


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Your diet is likely garbage and youre not doing anything properly

Steroids dont do the work for you, you have to put in a lot whether youre on or off


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you obviously dont know a thing about why men do steroids, just becuase you pin tren dont mean youll be able to life 3000 pound weights, it means that your muscles will be more defined, and stand out more. thats all. your body type will define how it will look.