2 kinds of the same equipose BD


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the one from the left is the one I got and the one from the right is the one that is "legit"

is there new manfucture of this line?

also I see many mispell this product
there is another question about this in another steroid forum

this one I got from legit source that is valid by British Dragon website
The BD on the label is a dead give away. On real british dragon products the BD is very square. the circle inside the B and the D are more square as appose to more circular. Email me and i will give you a link with pics that will show you exactly what i am referring too.
Beast_19_301 said:
there both spelt wrong i wouldn't trust either
Careful now...BD actually does misspell it...check out their pics on britishdragon.com, you'll see they say undeclylenate.
Easy enough to find out. Mail britishdragon and ask them if it is spelled that way sometimes. Make sure you post the answer here too, so others are informed.