AML presesnts the arrival of British Dragon Canada


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I am please to announce the AML is now, along with having an already outstanding line of products, the proud supplier of British Dragon Canada products.
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As of right now you will have access to the full line of oils, with orals to follow in the near future which will be announced as soon as they become available.
As always, Andromed Labs continues to bring to the people what they want, AND what they should get..........The best quality products hands down, and with the addition of BD Canada you now have TWO lines to chose from, and they still have the BEST customer service, right from the reps to CS itself and this will be continued, and improved with the exciting arrival of BD to the repertoire
Please, don't hesitate to contact me with any inquiries.

And, as always, keep your eyes and ears peeled for upcoming promotions brought to you by AML.​


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What's the difference between British dragon test e and aml test e?

Right now.. Probably just price. With the Madness sale AML Test takes the cake.

My bloods with AML Test E 250mg/wk were 1367 ng/dl.

Not discounting the BD Tests quality.. but AMLs is right on levels and right on price right now.


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What's the difference between British dragon test e and aml test e?

Aside from price and how it is brewed, which is above me, nothing. 250mg of Test is 250mg of Test at the end of the day.

Right now with the specials on AMLs Test products, that cant be beat, especially because you are getting what the label says youre this case 250mg....which not all labs can say about their product.

Bd Canada ...humm?

Im interested in hearing more about this.

What would you like to know DPR?