2nd and Last Cycle: Testerone, Trenbolone & Masteron


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What im interested in is this:

"From 113,9 kg (251 pounds) age 24 and ended down to 71 kg (157 pounds) age 25."

In 1 year you lost 42.9 kg?!? Im no scientist nor do mean anything bad by this, but im haveing trouble digesting this. No disrespect intended.


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Hi EternalPrimates

I understand it's hard to digest. But I starved myself for a whole year (strict diet). I only ate meat and salads 2-3 times a day, small sizes. Dropped everything unhealthy for me, except cigarettes made me not hungry. Did a little weight lift, but mainly focus was spinning every 5-6 days a week. 1-2 hours a day. Weight lifted only 1 hour x day, 6 daysx week.

Some days I choose to spinning 3 hours a day. I literally lived at the gym.

It was unhealthy for me and I was obsessed with losing fat (also loose muscles, which I didn't know) because I was tired of looking chubby and fat. People said I looked sick and everything. So I stopped, and took a health check at the doctors. Began to pause myself from training, and began to eat normal again.

Didn't know shit about how to loose weight that time or anything, eat properly and work out properly.

After that it was on and off until I booked a trainer to teach me everything about proper training, cardio and meal plans.


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I'm an ecto and always a bit of a shinny guy if it were not for my training , AAS and force feeding. I want away for 6 months. No training shit to nothing @ day for calories and without trying to diet I lost 40 pounds.

Just my 2 cents here and my experience.


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Thx, Yeah, my doctor was surprised too when she weighed me that I lost that much.

I will keep up the hard work. Beginning to eat more and lift heavier.


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