2nd bulk cycle

Brock Landers

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hey all
Just wanted to let you all know I plan to start my second cycle on Monday May 5th. I ran four weeks of this cycle in December but had to cut it short due to personal shite. I have been anxiously waiting since then, and God willing will start this Monday. (I say God willing because a few of us bros are still waiting for final confirmation on a source). Hopefully all will work out, and I will be able to start up!!!
I plan on running this basic bulking cycle:

Weeks 1-10 Test cypionate (testex elmu) 500 mg/week
1-10 deca (norma) 400 mg/ week
1-6 dbol (naps) 35 mg/day

Weeks 13-15 nolva/clomid Post cycle combo

I will keep you all posted :)
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grafix-gnc said:
looks good, good luck bro

im assuming the naps are 35mg/ED and not week.

whoops sorry, I will edit that. yes they are 35mg/ed
I was going to do 40mg/day however the lower dosage will allow me to run them for a full 6 weeks. I dont think I need that high of a dosage anyways.