2nd cycle for sean usmc...


sean usmc

well i did 3 months of test enan..375mg and 200.mg of decca im satisfied somewhat what can add more bulk to me before i start to get into the cutting cycle...lots of choices out there need help on WHAT will WORK....
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Well you have been on a cycle for a while, but I was going to say you can use Test Prop & Tren Ace for some quick bulking. A lot of people I know are doing that now. Plus you can throw in an oral (D-Bol) with that and you should be able to pack on a few extra pounds before your cutting cycle. The D-Bol may make you get bloated though.
yeah i want to stay away from the bloating i did oximetalon 75 mg (anadrol) i did that for 6 weeks lots of weight but LOTS of water retention ...so i want to stay away from water retaining gear as possible
I wouldn't go Test and Tren for a second cycle...considering your stats I think you could achieve good growth with a "lesser" steroid then tren.

Test & EQ, Test & Durabolin, Test & Anavar these will all yield great results. Remember, it's really in the DIET where the gains lie. Using different steroids/higher doses of them only really come into play when you are at the higher end of size spectrum (probably a lean 240# +). Using harsh steroids or high doses now will nothing but give sides, and decrease your receptor response. It's always best to use the least amount of steroids to achieve your goal.
well body fat is a minimal..not much i know from my recent screening at the gym lift 220 dumbells 85pd each...yadda yadda. i dont want to come off rather i want to continue..just switch it up...
I think I miss understood what you were saying you were looking for. Sorry bout that sean. I agree with outlaw though on the Test & EQ are good together, that would produce nice lean gains. I have never done Test & Anavar (var) together, but I love both products tremendously. Anavar (var) gives me great strength at doses as low as 20mg/day. Maybe do Test, EQ & Anavar (var) together, Anavar (var) & Test will give you strength, Anavar (var) & EQ should help you stay lean (diet must be good) & Test & EQ should help you gain some decent size.