2nd cycle info


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I'm about to do my second cycle and i just got 4*5ml of 200mg test enath, and 10ml 200mg of test cyp

i was wondering what would be the best way to run the cyp in the cycle

i wanna run the enath for 16 weeks at 500mg and frontload the first 2 weeks, but no idea how to run the cyp

i heard it was better to frontload b/c the enath takes awhile to kick in

i'm 23, 6'5, 302 pounds, 19%bf
1st cycle was test prop for 12 weeks, got great results from that


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It doesn't matter which you use... cyp or eth .. they are interchangeable.. just figure out 500mg a week and use either. They are almost equal in the time they take to kick in.... also I would forget the frontload for now... its only your second cycle..

WTF r u doing

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Beast_19_301 said:
i was thinking ana Anavar (var) for the first 4 weeks
ana Anavar (var) is amazing.You could run it the first 4 wks and the last 4 wks.so test e 1-16 Anavar (var) 1-4 and Anavar (var) 13-16.goodluck