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My name is 3J. I am the head sports nutritionist at ology and also the diet forum mod. I own 3Js Nutrition Network, a company that is dedicated to the cutting edge philosophies of nutrition and training coaching in a 100% online environment.

With my program you receive a custom built diet specific to your goals, a training routine synergistic with the diet, and are required to check in weekly with your weight and measurements so that i may track your progress and make changes as i see fit. Email communication is unlimited between the client and i for the extent of the coaching so youre more than welcome to ask all the questions you like.

Nutrition is the foundation of your goals. Do not be fooled, no cycle will ever give you gains without proper nutrition. Nutrition is the most important factor in the progress you make with the efforts you put into your goals. It can also be the most daunting task for someone who has no education in nutrition to set up a proper diet. 3Js Nutrition Network takes the guessing game out of your diet and training routine. Let a professional handle your nutrition and you can finally see the gains youve be struggling so hard to get and yet failed over and over again.

Contact me at 3jdiet@gmail.com for more info... if you are a member of ology look out for the ology exclusive sales that happen every month

Website: 3J's Nutrition | Diet and fitness consulting to get you to the next level.

instagram: @3jsdiet

The pictures below are made possible with two things; The hard work and dedication of my clients and my guidance with one of my programs

20 week contest prep

One year transformation, this client lost 100lbs!!!

3J thats really solid of you. I enjoyed this thread and its nice to know you are a professional and know what you are doing.




Really great results!
I am still using the knowledge I gained from 3J, and it has been keeping me looking good for years now. I am 50 and and am in better shape than all my peers and better shape that I have ever been in my life. The knowledge gained is enough reason to use 3J.