3rd cycle


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Hey guys i knew i saw a thread somewhere in here similar to my cycle but i searched and couldnt find it. But heres what im running

Test Enanthate 500mgs a week
D-bol 30mgs ED
FINA 100mgs ED
and jumpstarting with 100mgs Test Prop for first 2 weeks
running this for about 10 weeks thinking of tapering the d-bol near the end not sure yet and of course i have nolva on hand and follow up with clomid post cycle.

Anyhow just curious if any of you guys have tried this combo and what kinda results did you have. any info would be helpful

BTW im 24 5'10 195lbs at about 11%bf now
i would say dbol weeks 1-4 if this is your 1st time useing fina i would do 75mg/eod weeks 7-12 like kim suggested