4th cycle in progress BLOOD TESTING QUESTION


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Heelo all this is my 4th cycle. Previous were test only, test and tbol, test tbol masterone. Currently on 70 mg Test E/ day with 300 mg frontloaded, 50 mg TBOL 25mg aromasin EOD. I plan on throwing in some tren A at 70 mg per week and working my way up to 200-300 per week. But first I want to get blood tested. My pre cycle labs were fine except for low T. I want to get my AI and estrogen dialed in before I even consider Tren... I have caber and will take at reccomended dose.

Today is day 16 of cycle. Based on the steroid calc website, my T levels should be normalizing about now. I know I could wait longer, but I want to really get ahead of any estrogen related sides... I had one cycle where my AI was extremely underdosed or bunk and it was a nightmare. So I plan on testing twice. One would be the typical female hormone panel that I use as pre and post cycle work. The second would be LCMS sensitive for both estradiol and testosterone... and perhaps even progesterone later on. I'm thinking the female hormone panel first might be a good idea since it includes liver values to see how the NAC and TUDCA are protecting my liver against TBOL.

However, I'm kinda skeptical about the eclia methodology for estrogen... and would like to know if my test is on the money or under dosed.

Which test would you do first?



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Also the second test would be to verify that any changes I made to my AI are in fact dialed in to the amount of estrogen I want.


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yeah man Test a or c only. they are more stable as opposed to test p or other test due to the more esthers involved.


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