6 Weeks of ANAVAR Only for Relatively Minor Strength Gains


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Hey all,

I have never used any anabolic steroids before at all. However I am thinking of running Anavar alone for 6 weeks coming into my next meet alongside my peaking programme.

As far as dosage, I was thinking of something like 2 weeks at 40mg per day, 2 weeks at 50-60mg per day and 2 weeks at 70-80mg per day.

My current numbers are: Squat 230kg/510lb, Bench 135kg/297lb and Deadlift 250kg/551lb.

In this meet, I would be satisfied to Squat 250kg/551lb, Bench 145kg/320lb and Deadlift 270kg/595lb

This means I am looking for a 20kg/44lb increase on Squat, 10kg/22lb on Bench and 15kg/33lb on Deadlift.

My weight class is 90kg/198lb and I am currently sitting around 92kg/205lb. My next meet is in 11 weeks, if I start on Anavar I would start 6 weeks out, around the same time that my peak begins. Part of the reason I don't want to run test is that I am already over my weight class and I would like to go with orals only on my first cycle if I can get away with it. Test is something I will look into coming into more serious meets down the track.

All I really want to know is if these kind of strength gains are realistic and achievable in this time frame. If I were to stay natural, I would get 5-7.5kg on my Squat and Deadlift and maybe 2.5 on my Bench from this peaking program regardless, so it's actually closer to 15kg that I am looking to gain on my Squat and Deadlift with the use of Anavar.

Any information will be greatly appreciated. I have been unable to find solid information on Anavar only cycles for Powerlifting.



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Oral only cycles are a big no no for men and are for women only. Everything shuts down your natural test production including anavar and test. Test is used as a base to replace your natural test production that would be shut down.
For you to do 6 weeks of anavar only, you WILL shut down your natural test and most likely lose gains you had before doing it. Doesn't seem worth doing since it seems your natural test is probably on the higher end considering your lifts.
Read the beginner cycle stickys and the ology faq's thread for more info...


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If you have not been able to find any info on anavar only cycles its for a good reason, Oral only cycles are not for men and are for women only.