a hit a geyser.....


I did a shot this morning...a bit higher and forward then usual....but i did asperate and i had just a little air bubble...injected...then before i got out...i had a geyser...i am going to assume i went through a vein since i am 2 hours into the shot and i am still here...correct...

That's what it sounds like to me. I hit a vein once and had a little squirt of blood. Shout out like a damn japaneese movie all over my white tee shirt. If you got any in your blood stream you would know it pretty quick.
happens to me a lot, lol. if you inject into vein you will now instantly. you will start coughing uncontrollably, and feel hot and flushed.
The funny thing is that it just happened to me today. I must have gone through a vein because after I pulled out a stream of blood squirted on my floor. Shit happens…
Dont ya love them...

I only seem to have them happen when I used to do my glute shots (dont do glutes anymore)...

First time ever it happened my wife was helping me, when I withdrew the dart a stream of blood shoot out of the site...I think my wife about passed out...lol...I was just laughing my ass off, cause I knew what more than likely happened..

Vein shot

If you mainline the gear into a vein it is def not good, I am not sure exactly all what would happen if you have done so...

What happens to some is, they insert the pin threw a vein into the muscle, so that the gear still goes into the muscle, then when one withdraws the pin, from the muscle & the vein, you get quite a bit more than normal blood from the site.


eastarr69 said:
can you survive.....a vein shot....
When I do glute shots is when the most blood comes out. Any other spot and there is rarely blood.

One time I did a glute injection. After i finished I left my pants down, I didn't see any blood at first, so I proceeded to clean up my stuff(The needles and bottles,etc.) I felt this sort of tickling down my legs. I didn't even think about it. When I finally looked I had blood all down my leg, all over the floor and all over my pants.
I was scared shitless! But I cleaned everything up and nothing happeened, so I knew what I had done.

Funny shit when I think about it now!!
GreasyGreek said:
This has happened to me. One time the blood spurted out onto my face. It was really gross. :eek:

Spurt onto your face?? WTF ?? You must have had your head up your ass................. :laugh: :laugh3: :laugh3: :laugh:
eastarr69 said:
can you survive.....a vein shot....

i did :(

One time the blood spurted out onto my face

lol. you sure you didnt didnt knick an artery or something? remmeber, a vein has lower blood pressure than an artery. im not sure how low the bp is in the vein, but i didnt know it was that high. but, well, i guess it would need to be in order to get blood back to heart.. wheres buffdoc when you need him?
thefantom1 said:
Spurt onto your face?? WTF ?? You must have had your head up your ass................. :laugh: :laugh3: :laugh3: :laugh:
oh please fantom dont act like nothing ever shot off on your face before :p