A strange request, need advice. Want to do a ONE OFF short cycle on Anavar but......


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Before you ask, yes yes. I have read all the newbie articles, yet this Anavar only thing is back and forth.

Background: 30 years old, East Asian, only 170cm tall. I am a bio-hacker and not a body builder, my health and exercise is at its peak and I have found it IMPOSSIBLE to put any mass on my arms after a certain point, due to my East Asian genetics, infact the moment I eat less my weight starts to drop considerably back to skinny. Eating like a whole chicken eveyr day has been sickening just to keep my weight at 73kg.

^ Due to my height, there is no real need to bulk up like a body builder in my opinion. I also want a "natural look". I want to be "enhanced" and not like a big wall destroying machine.

Steroid History: When I was young I did 2 weeks dianabol at 30mg and it worked miracles, to that I still feel the benefits today, it changed my skinny Asian physique to a not as skinny Asian physique.

Goal: I am looking to just bulk up a little on the arms and chest front. I just want my years of work in the gym to show, and not look like I just eat healthy.. Without the genetics of naturals like men of other races, it's an impossible uphill battle without chemical help.

My original intention was to do Anavar only for 4-6 weeks at 30mg, the main reason for this was a discovered I have the male pattern hairloss gene on my 23&ME gene report. Anavar was picked specifically because it reported to have to least amount of hair loss side effects, vs my previous use dianabol.

However, after obtaining my Anavar. I started reading that it surpressed test production much more than people think. I read conflicting reports on this, with some people say it's fine as long as there is PCT, and others where they say test is needed.

I am scared of needles, but I am not beyond braving it. At this point I am just completely lost on what to do. I can run Anavar only cycle right now, but I fear the test supression will be more severe than I imagine.

Yet I have also read that taking testosterone STOPS your test production period, much more than Anavar which only supresses it.

I also would prefer transdermal or gel based testosterone, as I don't want to use needles.

I also just want to do this as 1 off cycle to bulk up. It worked for me the first time with dianabol, however with the hair loss risk of dianabol, and now I am much older.

The first time I did dianabol for two weeks, I noticed no problems with ball shrinkage or anything, but I was much younger. I was more than happy with the results with that one cycle years and years ago (when I was like 21)

So if I want to do a ONE OFF cycle, and just want to to a slightly muscular Asian guy instead of a skinny one, is Anavar only a bad idea? Are there other better options whilst still keeping my hair.

Hopefully, you will understand that apart from our hair Asian guys don't have anything else going genetically for pure physical type stuff, so losing that would be a big blow on me!

I know you guys have heard the same questions agian and again, but it's hard digging information and finding conclusive stuff, since there are so many arguments and bro flaming.
welcome! test only cycle with hcg and arimidex will get you better results than doing an oral only cycle which is not reccomended for men.
There is always testoserone included in a good cycle because of suppression. Testoserone is the "base". Dosages may vary but it's always in there.

Even if you used patches or gel to keep normal test anavar isnt mass.

Steroid Class:** anavar/Oxandrolone is a DHT derivative, belonging to the DHT-family of steroids.

Primary Use:* Similar to Winstrol, Anavar is not a great mass-builder, but is well-suited to cutting/pre-contest usage

Anadrol maybe

Primary Use:** Anadrol is king among the traditional oral steroids, being the most potent mass & strength builder available.*

The basic cycle and PCT posted ^^^^ above^^^^ is tested, tried and true. "Test is Best." That cycle, good diet and good training will give you mass.

I don't think you will be able to only bulk up chest and arms. You can definitely focus on them but all your muscles will respond to the cycle.